Tim Lee on 03/11/2019

Announcing the Winners of the Van Mastricht Giveaway!

By Tim LeeCongratulations to the two winners of Petrus Van Mastricht's Theoretical-Practical Theology Vol. 1: Michael M. from Spartanburg, South Carolina and Angela M. from Lakeside, California! Enjoy Petrus Van Mastricht's Prolegomena! A big thank you to you both and all social media followers for

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Henry Jansma on 03/08/2019

The 39: Church Discipline (4)

By Henry JansmaArticle 35 on the subject of "the Homilies" is unique among the reformed churches of Europe. We who live with the reprints of many seventeenth and eighteenth-century sermons preached by reformed pastors, it does not seem strange that doctrines should be set out in a sermon series. But

H Henry Jansma
Ryan McGraw on 03/05/2019

Why Should Pastors Read Peter van Mastricht?

By Ryan McGrawI have been warmly commending, Peter van Mastricht’s Theoretico-Practica Theologia for a decade. However, students have wondered whether my promises that someone was translating it into English were empty. Now that these promises are finally coming to fruition with the publication of t

R Ryan McGraw
Patrick Ramsey on 02/27/2019

Tolle Lege: Christ and the Law

By Patrick Ramsey A number of years ago, a young man who had been trained at a Reformed seminary that subscribes to the Westminster Standards was being examined for licensure on the floor of Presbytery. He was asked, "Is the covenant of grace conditional? If so, what is or are the conditions?" Witho

P Patrick Ramsey
Henry Jansma on 02/22/2019

The 39: Church Discipline (3)

By Henry JansmaArticle 34 on the traditions of the church is another excellent example of the application of sola scriptura among the formularies of the English Reformation. It addresses the issue of the uniformity of ceremonies in the church through what has already been established in article 6 on

H Henry Jansma
Joel Beeke on 02/15/2019

Puritan Prayer for World Mission (2)

By Joel BeekeReformed, experiential Christianity birthed the pioneer missionary efforts of men such as John Eliot (1604–1690), David Brainerd (1718–1747),William Carey (1761–1834),Adoniram Judson(1788–1850), and John G. Paton (1824–1907). This mission effort was small and struggling until it explode

J Joel Beeke
Henry Jansma on 02/08/2019

Church Discipline (1)

By Henry JansmaThroughout the length of our study we have underlined the narrative nature of the articles; thus the exposition on church discipline in articles 32-36 follows logically from the previous articles on the nature of the church, the gospel ministry, and the sacraments. XXXII — OF THE MARR

H Henry Jansma
Ryan McGraw on 02/06/2019

Review of Gamble's Christ and the Law

By Ryan McGrawWhitney G. Gamble, Christ and the Law: Antinomianism at the Westminster Assembly (Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2018). This series of books introduces readers to historical figures and backgrounds surrounding the Assembly that produced the Westminster Confession of Fai

R Ryan McGraw
admin on 02/01/2019

Book Giveaway Time!

By adminClick on this link and follow the steps to register! https://reformedresources.org/register-to-win-a-free-copy-of-theoretical... Deadline is February 15. U.S. & Canadian addresses only.The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is member supported and operates only by your faithful support.

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Henry Jansma on 01/29/2019

The 39: Church Discipline (2)

By Henry JansmaArticle 33 on excommunication is an excellent example of the second principle we have underlined throughout our study in how the Anglican confession is the sum of the historical formularies. XXXIII — OF EXCOMMUNICATE PERSONS, HOW THEY ARE TO BE AVOIDEDThat person which by open denunc

H Henry Jansma