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Q&A 2: Peanut Butter Eschatology, Death, Criticism, and More

To put the brakes on the Spin, the crew is addressing some very important questions sent by the listeners…like this, from Scott S. in Orlando: Will there be peanut butter in the new heaven and new earth? And, if so—creamy or crunchy? The theological implications are staggering.

It’s totally OK if you don’t like the way your pastor parts his hair, or even his choice of psychedelic print ties, but is it a good enough reason to leave your church? On a more somber note: How does one talk to a three year old about death? We cover public critique/criticism dos and don’ts…the difference between criticizing a bad idea and attacking the person behind the idea…even whether a seminary education is imperative for someone already in pastoral ministry. Hey, you asked; now pull up a seat and listen to what Carl really thinks about one of the most popular of American foods.