Why Do Protestants Convert?

Why Do Protestants Convert?

Many of the best and brightest Protestant thinkers have converted to Roman Catholicism in recent decades. Some have found Protestantism shallow in doctrine, history, ethics, and worship. Chris Castaldo, co-author of Why Do Protestants Convert? sits down with Carl and Todd to discuss the psychological, theological, and sociological factors behind these conversions. 

As someone who has had conversations with those who have converted from Protestantism to Catholicism or, in some cases, Eastern Orthodoxy as well, very often in my conversations with them, theology is not the first thing. Oftentimes [there are] other issues that they will name first, like the historical rootedness or the reverence that they found or the beauty that they found in the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox traditions.  – Todd Pruitt

Although many converts’ criticisms of contemporary Protestantism may be warranted, Chris points out that historic Protestantism contains the answers to these objections and the resources for a Protestant renewal.

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Chris’ article on the state of the Roman Catholic Church: