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Mission (Im)possible

Listener Sam has called upon the crew to address missions, in light of the terribly sad death of missionary John Chau in the North Sentinel Island. The topic has stirred up strong emotions and opinions about missions in the media; it has even compelled Todd to resume Tweeting.

The death of Mr. Chau has been compared to Jim Elliot’s, but the crew disagrees, and is willing to explain why. General preparedness, and the ability to handle Scripture, begs the question whether missionaries need to be ordained ministers. Carl offers some thoughts on that, and on the disadvantage of solo missionaries (making a case for missions teams), while conceding to Aimee that women are fundamental for missions work.

Who’s responsible to prepare missionaries - the denomination, or missions agencies? You’re about to witness what transpires when Todd works hard not to offend people, but Carl incites him to action nonetheless!