Chasing Proof, Finding Faith

Chasing Proof, Finding Faith

Tom Rudelius had science and an Ivy League pedigree—why did he need God? Immersed in his physics studies at Cornell, he never thought much about God until his brother, a new convert to Christianity, challenged him to explore faith. Tom joins Carl and Todd to discuss his new book, Chasing Proof, Finding Faith, where he traces his journey to unexpected faith, through subsequent doubt and anxiety.

“I think that what God really wants from us is that we would give him our allegiance, even in the midst of our doubts. And I think that’s the sort of faith that God really calls us to – the sort of faith that says, ‘God, I will take your side, even amidst the doubts. I will choose to give you my life and to follow you, even if I’m questioning.’” 

Though he never found absolute proof of God or Christianity, he ultimately concluded that the existing evidence for both is compelling and compatible with science. Tune in to this fascinating conversation, and find out why Carl compared him to Martin Luther!

Thank you to Tyndale Press for providing a few giveaway copies of Chasing Proof, Finding Faith for our listeners. Congratulations to our winners: Joseph S. from West Chester, PA, Barbara S. from Lancaster, PA, and Michael C. from Evansville, IN!

Show Notes:

Tom recommends this book for those who are interested in investigating Christianity:

Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity