Don’t Follow Your Heart

Don’t Follow Your Heart

Having narrowly escaped being held hostage at gunpoint, Carl and his partner-in-crime, Todd, sit down with Thaddeus Williams to discuss his latest book, Don't Follow Your Heart: Boldly Breaking the Ten Commandments of Self-Worship. Don't Follow Your Heart offers a compelling vision for the kind of Christianity that is truly countercultural, that rebels against the status quo, and offers something genuinely revolutionary. Thaddeus also tells the guys it's "an accessible and readable version of Carl's The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self." Them's fightin' words! You won't want to miss this episode!

Robert G. from New Holland, PA, Carl P. from White Post, VA, and Tracey L. from Chickamauga, GA were the winners of the giveaway of Thaddeus’ book, courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing. Congratulations!

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