The Deconstruction of Christianity

The Deconstruction of Christianity

The Deconstruction of Christianity

What exactly is deconstruction? The movement has been defined in many different ways. Today’s guests co-authored a book to clear up the confusion. Alisa Childers, author of Another Gospel?, and Tim Barnett, creator of Red Pen Logic, sit down with Todd and Carl to discuss the true nature of faith deconstruction, which is sweeping through our churches and is disrupting, dismantling, and destroying the faith of so many.

“Sadly, because of the Biblical illiteracy in our culture, because we live in a mic-drop world where someone just makes a claim and then they drop the mic and walk away as if they won an argument…that’s why these things are so persuasive, and they get so many likes and so many shares and such a following.” – Tim Barnett

Alisa and Tim will help you understand what deconstruction is, where it comes from, why it is compelling to some, and how it disorients the lives of so many, as well as how to think through the main issues and explore wise and loving ways to respond from a biblical worldview. Don’t miss this important conversation. 

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