Pilgrim's Regress

Pilgrim's Regress

Mark Jones is back on the podcast today, chatting with Carl and Todd about his latest book, The Pilgrim's Regress: Guarding against Backsliding and Apostasy in the Christian Life. Vowing not to write another book for a long time because of the toll it takes on his life expectancy, Mark explains why he chose to address the uncomfortable topic of backsliding believers—and, to a lesser extent, apostasy—in his latest work. 

After Covid and all that it did to the church, there's a very serious need to confront what is an obvious pastoral issue for many pastors, and that is a lot of people have fallen away or become extremely lazy in their Christian living. - Mark Jones

An important topic infrequently discussed in many Reformed churches, Mark addresses backsliding in this serious, hopeful, and pastoral work informed by wise theologians of the past and present. 

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Show Notes:

For a copy of The Pilgrim’s Regress: https://reformedresources.org/the-pilgrims-regress-guarding-against-backsliding-and-apostasy-in-the-christian-life-paperback/

and other books by Mark Jones:


Mark recommends the following titles:

Personal Declension and Revival of the Soul by Octavius Winslow:


Holiness by JC Ryle:  https://reformedresources.org/holiness-its-nature-hindrances-difficulties-and-roots-hardcover/