Bulwarks of Unbelief

Bulwarks of Unbelief

Joseph Minich joins Todd and Carl to discuss his new book, Bulwarks of Unbelief. Millions of people in the West identify as atheists. Christians often respond to this reality with proof of God’s existence, as though rational arguments for atheism were the root cause of unbelief. Joseph argues that a felt absence of God, as experienced by the modern individual, offers a better explanation for the rise in atheism. In response, Christians should reattune themselves to God’s story, reintegrate the whole person, and re-inhabit the world so that faith can thrive in this age of unbelief.

Our friends at Lexham Press generously provided a few giveaway copies of Joseph’s book for our listeners. Congratulations to Jack E. from Elk Grove, CA, Robert M. from Manville, NJ, and Keenan W. from El Cajon, CA!

Show Notes:

A Secular Age by Charles Taylor, particularly the chapter titled “Bulwarks of Belief.”  

Thomas Aquinas’ Five Proofs for the Existence of God:

(1) argument from motion 

(2) argument from efficient cause

(3) argument from necessary being 

(4) argument from gradations of goodness

(5) argument from design

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Enduring Divine Absence: The Challenge of Modern Atheism by Joseph Minich