Todd Pruitt on 10/07/2019

Some perspective on the current gender dustup

By Todd Pruitt The Reformed-ish Twittershpere has been in high dudgeon since the release of Rachel Miller’s book Beyond Authority and Submission. Mark Jones wrote a review of Miller’s book wherein he critiques what he believes are significant weaknesses. And then, to make matters a bit more interest

T Todd Pruitt
Aimee Byrd on 10/04/2019

Valerie Hobbs Responds to Mark Jones

By Aimee Byrd As promised, I have another response to Mark Jones' review of Rachel Miller's book Beyond Authority and Submission, by another endorser of the book, since he seemed bothered by all the warm endorsements. Also, I saw an additional great response by a fellow endorser, Kerry Balwin, poste

A Aimee Byrd
Aimee Byrd on 10/04/2019

I Sensed a Little Dig at the Endorsers by Mark Jones...

By Aimee Byrd Mark Jones doesn’t really have anything good to say about Rachel Miller’s book Beyond Authority and Submission in his review posted on Mere Orthodoxy. In the end, he seems perplexed that well-respected people have endorsed it. Since I am one of those endorsers, I thought I’d respond. T

A Aimee Byrd
Aimee Byrd on 09/03/2019

Foreword to Beyond Authority and Submission

By Aimee Byrd I'm excited to share the news that Beyond Authority and Submission, by Rachel Miller, is now available to order. MoS will air our prerecorded interview with her about the book soon. But since it's launch week, I wanted to share the Foreword to her book, which I was honored to write:Rac

A Aimee Byrd
Carl Trueman on 08/28/2019

The Sundance Kid for President

By Carl Trueman Many congratulations to both Jon Master and Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary on his appointment as their new president, starting July 1 next year.Jon has all the qualities needed for a seminary president: a good churchman (twice on a Sunday -- a sadly rare thing these da

C Carl Trueman
Todd Pruitt on 07/08/2019

A Little Pushback for My Friends

By Todd Pruitt Last week the episode of the MOS podcast which aired was recorded by Carl and Aimee while I was in Dallas for the PCA’s General Assembly. I had not listened to the episode but when I saw that some more progressive folks in the PCA were referring to the episode to criticize the Gospel

T Todd Pruitt
Aimee Byrd on 06/23/2019

I Didn't Talk About Effeminate Men For a Reason

By Aimee Byrd Apparently, some who have read my last article have interpreted it as me saying that it’s okay for men to be effeminate. This interpretation is kind of proving my point about the secular categories and framework of thinking within the church. And it illustrates that we do not view huma

A Aimee Byrd
Aimee Byrd on 06/21/2019

When Complementarians Use the Same Language as the Transgender Movement

By Aimee Byrd I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been provoked by something on Twitter recently and tempted to respond with my own provocative tweet. I’m trying to do less of that. While there used to be lamentations that too many people can write whatever they want on a blog post and, besides, pe

A Aimee Byrd
Aimee Byrd on 06/03/2019

Phoebe: A Story

By Aimee Byrd Last week I had the pleasure of reading New Testament Scholar, Paula Gooder’s responsible work of historical imagination, Phoebe: A Story. In this historical fiction, Romans 16 comes alive. It begins with the last words of the letter to the Romans, “…to the only wise God, through Jesus

A Aimee Byrd