Zachary Groff on 06/24/2024

The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy: Article XII

by Zachary GroffHaving established that Scripture is inspired by God (Articles VI through X) and infallible in nature (Article XI), the Chicago Statement proceeds to defend the Inerrancy of Scripture in all that follows. We have come to the heart of the matter. Article XII begins:We affirm that Scri

Z Zachary Groff
Zachary Groff on 06/21/2024

The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy: Article XI

by Zachary GroffThe terms Inspiration, Infallibility, and Inerrancy rise or fall together in our doctrine of Scripture. They are really in it together, we might say. Thus, it is no surprise that Articles VI through X of the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy are so focused on explaining the doc

Z Zachary Groff
William Boekestein on 06/18/2024

WCF 27: Of the Sacraments

by William BoekesteinHas the church has missed God’s plan for spiritual growth? Conventional wisdom promotes pragmatic self-help schemes, elaborate church programs, and charismatic leaders. But what if God actually authorized a simpler way?Early Christians committed to expository preaching, fellowsh

W William Boekestein
Sarah Ivill on 06/14/2024

Why Does God Test Us?

by Sarah IvillThink back over the past year of your life. When have you grown the most in knowing, loving, trusting and obeying God? For most of us the answer will not be in times of strength but of weakness, not in times of joy but in suffering, not in times of prosperity but in poverty. Certainly

S Sarah Ivill