Jeffrey Stivason on 02/22/2024

The Order of Salvation: Faith

by Jeffrey StivasonOnce the Spirit of the Lord has resurrected a dead sinner by the divine breath, life begins. This is the monergism that theologians reference in the work of regeneration. The dead sinner lives through God’s singular work. He initiated the life. The spiritual cadaver is no longer

J Jeffrey Stivason
Grant Van Leuven on 02/20/2024

Though You Stumble, You Will Not Fall

by Grant Van LeuvenWhen we are tripping over ourselves or others are treading upon us, we must remember that God has recovered us time and time again to be sure He will every time. Praise the Lord that though you stumble, you will not fall.Psalm 56:13 reads, For thou hast delivered my soul from dea

G Grant Van Leuven
Jeffrey Stivason on 02/14/2024

The One Who Loves

by Jeffrey StivasonThink of the story of the man born blind (John 9). It’s well known and well thought of. It’s one of those stories that take work to read because we must disabuse ourselves of contemporary concern for those with disabilities. For example, there were no Seeing Eye dogs, Braille bo

J Jeffrey Stivason
Sarah Ivill on 02/13/2024

Courage in Adversity

by Sarah IvillThere’s great comfort for the child of God in studying the doctrine of God’s providence. Knowing that “all things, in fact, come to us not by chance but by his fatherly hand” (Heidelberg Catechism A. 27), encourages the believer to not despair when darkness comes, thank God when blessi

S Sarah Ivill