Simonetta Carr on 06/06/2023

Adriaan Reland – A Scholar for God’s Glory

by Simonetta CarrAdriaan Reland – A Scholar for God’s GloryIn academic circles, Adriaan Reland is hailed as a remarkable Orientalist and linguist whose studies and writings have contributed to dispel many prejudiced views of his time. What most sources ignore, however, is his motivation.

S Simonetta Carr
Aldo Leon on 06/05/2023

Images of Christ, Part 3

by Aldo LeonThis is the third and final installment of this series. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.Having laid down the foundation for how allowing for images of Christ indeed strikes at the vitals of various reformed doctrines, let us consider some common objections:1. We do not use image

A Aldo Leon
Jeffrey Stivason on 06/03/2023

Obadiah: A Glimpse of God's Kingdom

by Jeffrey StivasonObadiah is a neglected text in the Old Testament. It is a short text, weighing in at twenty-one verses. A lightweight for sure. However, this is probably not the reason for its neglect. No, neglect likely stems from its subject matter. It is a book about Edom. You heard me right,

J Jeffrey Stivason
William Boekestein on 05/30/2023

WCF Chapter 4 | Of Creation

by William BoekesteinHave you ever told someone, “I must have missed the first part of your story. I don’t understand”? Without a context most stories lose meaning. So it is with the story of humanity. Ignorance of our beginning breeds confusion and purposelessness. Even the drama of salvation by gr

W William Boekestein