Simonetta Carr on 12/05/2023

Anna Reinhart Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation

by Simonetta CarrAnna Reinhart Zwingli and the Swiss ReformationMost Protestants know the story of Katharina Van Bora, Martin Luther’s wife. Many books and articles have been written about her and her impact on Luther’s life and consequently on the Reformation. Fewer people have heard about Anna Rei

S Simonetta Carr
Sarah Ivill on 12/01/2023

Thanking God in the Midst of Trouble

by Sarah IvillWe don’t tend to think about thanking God with our whole heart when we are walking in the midst of trouble. Instead, we often cry out for help, pleading with the Lord to deliver us, change our circumstances, or save our loved ones. Of course, it is good and right to cry out to the Lord

S Sarah Ivill
Zachary Groff on 11/29/2023

Majoring in the Minors: Nahum

by Zachary GroffAt our once-rural (now-suburban) church, we have two weekly prayer meetings. On Wednesday nights, we gather to pray for an hour, structuring our time around praise, confession of sin, and supplication. On Lord’s Day afternoons, we gather for just twenty minutes to pray for the extens

Z Zachary Groff
Robert Brady on 11/27/2023

Thank You for Your Support on Giving Tuesday

by Robert BradyThank you to everyone who supported the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals on Giving Tuesday. The gifts we received exceeded the $10,000 match offered, raising a total of $30,920.86.Alliance broadcasts, events, and publishing are possible because of prayerful, generous support. We ar

R Robert Brady