on 07/19/2019

Bargain Book Sale! (Ben Ciavolella)

Summer is the perfect time to kick back and enjoy a nice book. Or two. Or twelve.To boost your reading list, the Alliance is pleased to announce their Bagain Book Sale. Products are available while supplies last, so be sure to grab 'em before they're gone! Click the button below to start shopping!re

on 07/15/2019

Defending Door-to-Door and Open Air Evangelism (Al Baker)

I first met Nick Batzig in 1993 when I became the pastor of Golden Isles Presbyterian Church (PCA) on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Nick and his family were members of the church. Nick was sixteen years old and a member of our church youth group. I have always loved Nick and consider him a dear brothe

on 07/11/2019

Pastor, Keep Preaching the Gospel! (David Prince)

As I was busy rushing from one place to another, I noticed a man looking at me with a big smile on his face. He had just stepped out of a work van and was doing some sort job nearby. To be honest, I had a lot on my plate to get done that day, and was determined not to be slowed down. The next thing

on 07/08/2019

The Westminster Statement on Biblical Sexuality (Jeffrey Windt)

Ray Ortlund, one of the original signers of the Nashville Statement, in his book Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel, wrote poignantly on the gospel implications of taking a public stand on sexual issues in a culture such as ours:"Everyone who reveres the gospel has compelling reasons to champion

on 07/06/2019

An Evangelistic Time to Stand (Lamont English)

A square circle. A married bachelor. An African-American millennial PCA pastoral intern who believes in biblical social justice and agreed with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) commending the Nashville Statement as a biblically faithful document. I not only agreed with it but I signed it and

on 07/06/2019

Learning from the Early Church (Adam Parker)

I recently finished a sermon series on the book of Acts at our church. I have been deeply blessed by working through this book. In fact, as I completed the last sermon, I was in tears. I told my wife, "It might seem silly, but I'm going to miss spending this much time with Paul."It has been very imp

on 07/02/2019

A Reason to Celebrate (Robert Brady)

With July 4 just around the corner, many Americans are taking the time to reflect on their country's founding and the nature of freedom. But long before the Summer of '76 there came another declaration of independence: Adam's rebellion in the Garden of Eden. This declaration did not liberate; rather

on 06/29/2019

When You Say You'll Pray... (Christina Fox)

Have you ever gotten a request from a fellow brother or sister in Christ asking for immediate prayer? Perhaps he is facing a temptation for which he needs help resisting. Or maybe she is feeling overcome by grief or sorrow and is desperate for peace. It might be that your friend has a need and is se

on 06/25/2019

The Right Side of History? (William Farley)

The expression "on the right side of history" is an important tool today used by the progressive elite to silence biblically faithful Christians. Never mind that it rests on significant religious assumptions. After all, no one can prove that history is inexorably going somewhere. Large segments of t

on 06/24/2019

City-to-City Evangelism (Nick Batzig)

Many of us who grew up in the D. James Kennedy era of Evangelism Explosion embraced the idea that spiritually mature Christians should be involved in formal and methodical one-on-one evangelism. The same is true of those who were influenced by the Way of the Master approach, spearheaded by Ray Comfo

on 06/20/2019

Co-Laborers, Co-Heirs (Eowyn Stoddard)

Review of Co-Laborers, Co-HeirsA Family ConversationEdited by Brittany Smith and Doug ServenWhite Blackbird Books, 2019 301 pp.Occasionally, a family calls a council at which members express critiques of family interactions, rules and priorities. In my family, the meeting often revolves around the s

on 06/19/2019

Evangelical Evolution? (Richard D. Phillips)

Given what World Magazine once called a "major, well-funded push" to promote the acceptance of evolution among evangelical Christians, the case must be persuasively made against the compatibility of evolution and the Bible. In answer to a pro-evolutionary stance, I am one of those Bible teachers who

on 06/18/2019

Co-Laborers, Co-Heirs (Eowyn Stoddard)

Occasionally, a family calls a council at which members express critiques of family interactions, rules and priorities. In my family, the meeting often revolves around the same few contentious topics. Our family rules are set, but we also desire for each member to know that their insights can make a

on 06/15/2019

A Mantle of Love for the Weak (Nick Batzig)

On the night I proposed to Anna 15 years ago, she gave me a gift--an antiquarian edition of Thomas Brooks The Unsearchable Riches of Christ. It is a work to which I returned many times over the past 15 years. The section on the riches and excellencies of Christ, by itself, makes this work a must rea