Mortification of Spin on 12/02/2020

Presbycast and MORE in the PCA

The dispute between our hosts about which denomination is the greatest in the kingdom of God—the OPC or the PCA—might never end. Aiming to minimize any controversy and tension within the denomination, we bring in a sound-minded PCA southern gentleman to share some good news.Brad Isbel is a ruling el

M Mortification of Spin
Emily Van Dixhoorn on 12/01/2020

Ready for Battle

Every spy movie has one scene that’s my favorite: the moment the hero’s support team equips him for the climactic conflict. You probably recognize it. In a private room, whether it be in a cave accessed only by an elevator that drops 10 stories underground, or a luxury penthouse suite in Dubai, the

E Emily Van Dixhoorn
Ken Golden on 11/30/2020

God's Waiters

Not every supper is the same. There’s a considerable difference between a fast food eatery and a five-star restaurant. Fast food is quick and casual. You’re there for the price, not the atmosphere, and service happens at the counter.Five-star restaurants are different. These places are formal and de

K Ken Golden
Brad Littlejohn on 11/28/2020

Envy in the Digital Age

Envy is often misunderstood. I suspect many of us today are apt to confuse it somewhat with Greed. Both, it seems, boil down to wanting more stuff, so that Envy would seem to designate merely the sub-set of cases in which someone else already has the stuff that you want (and perhaps their having it

B Brad Littlejohn
Mortification of Spin on 11/25/2020

Is Jesus Truly God?

Our guest is Greg Lanier, associate professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary’s Orlando campus, and a minister of the Gospel. Lanier’s new book tackles crucial questions about our Lord, including: Did Jesus ever claim to be God? What did Paul and the earliest Christians believe abo

M Mortification of Spin
Jonathan Landry Cruse on 11/23/2020

God's Good Word

At some point in your schooling, you have probably come across the handy diagram that explains the various components of a strong, dramatic narrative. It’s a little line that begins steadily with the exposition, takes a vicious turn skyward with the conflict and rising action, reaches its peak with

J Jonathan Landry Cruse
Ben Franks on 11/20/2020

A Growing Church

The evangelization of the Roman Empire is one of the remarkable chapters in the history of the church.[1] Behind the story of Christianity’s transformation from an overlooked and misunderstood sect to the official religion of the Empire stands an important question: why did Christianity gain such pr

B Ben Franks
Christina Fox on 11/20/2020

Fear and the Lord’s Amazing Grace

I think it is safe to say most people are familiar with the hymn Amazing Grace. Many famous musicians have sung or performed it. It’s heard at many funerals and other events. Yet too few know the grace of which the author wrote and more, what makes it so amazing.John Newton penned this much-loved hy

C Christina Fox
Mortification of Spin on 11/18/2020

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self - Part 2

Clearly, we live in times of sexual identity chaos. Arguments that would have sounded unconscionable just a few decades ago are now plausible, and are defended, adopted, even pridefully celebrated. How did we get here? What seeds were planted that flourished into the modern thinking of sexuality as

M Mortification of Spin
Amy Mantravadi on 11/17/2020

They Will Never Perish

Note: This post concludes Amy's series on Roman Catholic and Reformed Protestant views of justification. Find previous posts in this series below.Does God want us to be certain of our salvation? “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling,” Saint Paul wrote, “for it is God who is at work in you

A Amy Mantravadi